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Mises-Zitate - Logischer Positivismus

von Norbert Lennartz

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"The essence of logical positivism is to deny the cognitive value of a priori knowledge by pointing out that all a priori propositions are merely analytic. They do not provide new information, but are merely verbal or tautological, asserting what has already been implied in the definitions and premises. Only experience can lead to synthetic propositions. There is an obvious objection against this doctrine, viz., that this proposition that there are no synthetic a priori propositions is in itself a—as the present writer thinks, false—synthetic a priori proposition, for it can manifestly not be established by experience."

Quelle: Ludwig von Mises. The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science. Sect. 'Some Preliminary Observations Concerning Praxeology Instead of an Introduction', chap. 4. 'The Starting Point of Praxeological Thinking'. LvMI., online edition. (First edition: Van Nostrand, 1962.)

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